Priest Pension and Retiree Medical Plan


The Archdiocese of Seattle has a canonical responsibility to provide senior priests with a pension and medical benefits. The present pay-as-you-go model for the priest pension and medical plans was sustainable when there was a large number of active priests paying into the plan, and a relatively small number receiving benefits.

Now, with relatively fewer priests in active ministry, compared to retired, the burdensome “pay as you go” model is no longer sustainable. As a result, parishes are paying more and more into the plans through increased billings and the Annual Catholic Appeal each year.

Following a successful campaign, the Archdiocese will eliminate the Annual Catholic Appeal’s portion of funds designated to priest pension and senior priest medical expenses. Further, the Archdiocese plans to significantly reduce parish billings for the priest pension plan and eliminate the annual increases. Utilizing the income from investments to pay priest benefits puts the Archdiocese on more stable financial footing in addition to saving parishes approximately $2.5 million a year in billings and assessments.



The Archdiocese of Seattle is blessed to have such dedicated and loving priests. As leaders of our faith family, these men have kept our Archdiocese vibrant and spiritual throughout their years of committed service. Because they have answered a call to serve us, as Christ, it leaves us with a clear moral obligation. We must ensure the most basic needs of our past, present and future priests are met.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   We will accomplish this by:                                                                                                  Improving and bolstering the Priest Pension Plan: $40 million                                                      Strengthening the Senior Priest Medical Plan: $15 million


For more information on the priest pension and retiree medical plan, please refer to the Campaign in Detail booklet.